Kết quả chung kết cúp C1: PSG đại chiến Bayern Munich

Kết quả chung kết cúp C1: PSG đại chiến Bayern Munich

Mbappe and PSG power past Messi and Barcelona 4-1 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. Mbappe had one of his best performances of his career notching a hat trick. He opened his day with a goal in the 32' to tie at one and added two more in the 65' and 85'. Moise Kean found the back of the net in the 70' to help solidify the win. Messi opened the scoring in the 27' by way of the penalty spot but that would be all the Spanish side could muster.

Bayern-PSG, Real-Liverpool, City-Dortmund, Ajax-Roma and more

Belgium-Netherlands merger on the cards as Dortmund snag PSG gem

WOW! What a draw. The Champions League Elite Eight is set with some tasty, tasty matchups including a repeat of last year's final as Bayern Munich vs. PSG and 2018's final as Real Madrid face Liverpool. Also, Man City play Borussia Dortmund while Porto play Chelsea. Luis Miguel Echegaray is joined by Jimmy Conrad to break down every game PLUS every fixture on the Europa League draw as Man United face Granada and Arsenal play Slavia Praha.

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